Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Training is Complete

Last night I ran the final run that is in my training program for the marathon. It was a 3 mile run. And honestly, it went GREAT. I ran after work, outside. The temp was around 53 or so, and I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt which was perfect for the temps. My time was good too. I ran the three miles in 31 minutes and 20 some seconds.

I'm getting a little nervous now for the race. It's not bad nervous though. It's more about the unknown. I have some things that I'm trying to do to get ready. I need to go buy a cheap pair of gloves to wear during the race that I can pitch when it warms up. I might also grab a cheap sweatshirt or something to throw off to keep me warm early on. Moreso for pre-race. I know I'll be plenty warm once I get through the first two miles.

I've already started hydrating really well, which is probably why my run was so good yesterday. I drank a ton of water. I'm trying to increase my carb intake this week too.

I'm taking some time off on friday and will go down to the convention center with Jeff and the boys to pick up my race packet. The nice thing is that the running group I'm training with has their own booth and they've picked up all our packets for us, so we just need to find their booth. I don't think the lines should be too long anyway on friday afternoon.

So, my goal right now is simply to remain healthy. Alex is home with the H1N1 virus. He's on the recovery side now though, and by last night, had a great improvement. Zach is also home sick, with a terrible croupy cough. Neither are going to school today. Thank goodness Jeff can be home with them, although he also needs to stay healthy for Sunday, since he's running the half!
I'm SO proud of him. This is his third half marathon in the last three months! Who would have thought? NOT HIM! lol!

Don't know if I'll post again until after the marathon. Wish me luck!

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