Monday, August 24, 2009

15 Mile Run - 8/22/09

Saturday was my 15 mile run, the longest I've run yet! Kathy and I met up and started our run early, around 6:30 a.m. before the group run. I'm SO glad that we did that, as we were able to get six miles out of the way before the group run. We ran the other 9 miles with Eric Frueth from the Columbus Running Company.

We have been SO lucky, because the temps were GREAT on saturday. It was only in the low 60's when we started out and I'd guess it was only around 70 when we finished. It took us 3 hours and 4 minutes to do the 15 minutes.

Surprisingly enough, I felt really good afterwards. I mean, I was tired when we got to 15 miles and I was glad it was over, but I COULD have gone on a bit more, especially if I took more frequent or longer walk breaks.

When I got home, I did the ice bath thing. I'm REALLY glad I did because I think it made a big difference. I had no leg soreness at all. And I didn't even feel drained...until about 3-4 hours later. And then I laid down and figured I would take a nap, but for whatever reason, I just couldn't sleep. But I laid in bed, and just rested, and I think that helped a lot too. Because as the evening wore on, I didn't feel tired at all. In fact, Jeff and I got home around midnight after meeting up with Kathy and her friends, and I STILL wasn't feeling tired. It was so strange. However, on sunday afternoon, it hit me and all at once I was totally exhausted. In fact, at 6 o'clock I looked at the clock to see how much longer it was before I could go to bed and when I saw I still had a few hours, I didn't know if I would make it!

I was supposed to do a full body strength training yesterday, but didn't. We had too much going on, as we went to my sisters to celebrate my dad's birthday, and then to the dedication and open house for the new high school. By the time we got home, it was late afternoon and I was spent.

Today I'm scheduled to do a six mile run, but I'm thinking I might make it my 7 mile run for the week to get it out of the way. The temps are still really nice, so I may try to do it outside. I have to take the boys to school when I get off work to meet their teachers, and then I'm going to go do the run.

My plan is to make tomorrow a full body strength training day. I'm thinking as my mileage increases, I may only be able to get in two full body ST a week instead of three. We'll see. Two is better than nothing.

I've not been journaling my food. I just need a break from doing it. I'll probably go back to it in a week or so, but I just want to not think about it for awhile.

Anyhow, that's the update. This weeks plan is looking like this, but of course, is subject to change!

Monday: 7 mile run
Tuesday: FB strength training
Wednesday: Rest or six mile run
Thursday: 6 mile run or ST
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: The Spirit of Columbus half marathon

Oh, and I forgot to mention the half marathon. We signed up last night. I'm doing this instead of the 16 mile run I'm scheduled for because Kathy won't be around to run with me, and nobody in the running group runs as slow as I do. So instead of doing all those miles by myself, I figured I'd do the half. Jeff is doing it with me. I'm a little nervous about this one, but for one reason only. They have a time limit on it. YIKES! I realize that keeping a 15 minute mile isn't all that hard, but Jeff wants to do 3:2 intervals, so not sure where that will place us time wise. And I don't want to push him to do 4:1's because I think that might be too much, especially since he hasn't really trained enough to do a half. Anyhow, the pressure is on! At least the course is pretty much downhill!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Catching Up 8/21/09

I need to get this blog updated. I went to the cardiologist on wednesday and the short version is, everything is fine. It clearly WAS the thyroid meds causing the problem with the heart, although he did mention that my "condition" was something that I have probably had since I was a baby. When he left the room, Jeff and I looked at each other and said "what condition?" lol! Oh well. Apparently its nothing to be concerned about. I'm just happy to be able to breathe again!

While I was there, they did a stress test, and another EKG as well. The cool part about having that done was that I could actually find out my true max HR. It was 190. The doc said that as long as I stay at or under that, not to worry about my HR, so that's good to know too. Basically, he suggested using the rate of perceived exertion, which I pretty much do. I mean, if I can't breathe, I slow down. :) The one thing he DID tell me that was that I really need to increase the salt in my diet. He said just drinking gatorade during runs is not enough. I need to increase the salt in my diet throughout the week, because my BP is very low, and with all the running, if I'm lacking salt, the heart has to work that much harder. So I'm going to make an effort to try and do that I guess. I've just never been a salt person.

ANYHOW, Marathon training is back on. I've been recovering this week from the half marathon walk last sunday. I'm still feeling some pain in the back of my legs behind the knees. I iced both legs in that area for at least 30 minutes last night, and took some ibuprofin. I'm a little concerned about the long run tomorrow, as I did the scheduled 7 mile run last night, and it started hurting just past the two mile mark. I managed to run through it though. Interestingly enough, it hurts more when I walk than when I run, so it was easier to run, and I just did longer intervals. I might have to do that tomorrow if it gets too bad.

Also interesting is that during my run yesterday, my HR was FINALLY coming back down. I mean, it was even in the 150's for a good part of the run. I can tell that my body is getting back to normal. The breathing is better, the HR is better. Now, i just need to get injury free!

Last night I also did the exercises for the plantar fasciitis. It's not been bothering me too bad lately, but probably because I've not been running all that much. Anyhow, I need to get better about doing the exercises and such.

So, that brings us up to date. Today is a rest day. I might do some weights this evening. Not sure. We've only done one strength training session this week, so I probably SHOULD do it. But I want to also feel rested for the long run tomorrow morning. Kathy and I are meeting early to get an early start before the heat of the day sets in. This weekends run is at Easton. We should get a good hour in before we meet up with the group. We are scheduled to run 15 miles tomorrow. That will be my longest yet I think.

The following weekend is when we are scheduled to run 16, but I think I'm going to do the half marathon instead. I need to ask Eric if not running those extra three miles will make a difference. I suppose I could run an extra three miles sometime on that same day after the half if its really all that important.

That catches us up to date! Later. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

First Place Winner!

I'm still reeling from the half marathon that Jeff and I walked in yesterday. I am still in shock that I won first place in the entire walkers division, and with that, first place in the female walkers group as well!!!! I seriously do not think I've ever placed first in anything in my entire life. And what is so funny is that I totally had no thoughts going into yesterdays race of even placing, let alone finishing first! I'm just going to copy and past what I wrote on the PNP website, as its easier than typing it all out again.

Almost the entire race, Jeff and I were in second and third (we aren't counting the fact that there were four girls ahead of us who were "walkers" but ran part of it, so they would have been disqualified). Anyhow, even those four girls slowed way down in the last half. Well, I had been going slower than I would have for Jeff, so at mile 10.5, Jeff said to just go and win it if I could. There was only this old guy (probably 70+ years old) who was way ahead most of the race, and the two girls that would run occassionally. Well, I didn't cheat at all...I walked, but man, I was MOVIN'! I pass the girls just before mile 12 and passed the old man just after mile 12 and took a big lead the rest of the way. So I ended up finishing first place overall in the walkers division, and first place in the female walker division. Jeff did great too. He finished second place in the mens' walker division. Not sure where overall...maybe 6th in walkers? But I'm so totally excited about this! I honestly don't think I've ever finished in first place in ANYTHING my entire life. I CERTAINLY didn't go into that half marathon this morning thinking I'd get first place! Anyhow, I was so exicted and couldn't wait to share with you all!

And I'm SO proud of Jeff. He was such a trooper and really was moving the entire race. He's probably going to hate me now though. He's sitting in a tub full of cold water to try and recoup. I am not sure he'll be able to even walk the rest of the day! lol! But he really did great. I'm really so proud of him!

Now, we checked the race results and it looks like the two girls who came in after me (the ones who had cheated by running for parts of it) were disqualified (as they SHOULD have been!). however, they still walked home with the plaques. Obviously someone reports that they were running. Oh well. Still, I'm pretty happy with the outcome for both Jeff and I.

However, I'm VERY sore today. The feet are good. I just am VERY sore behind the knees. I probably pulled some muscles or tendons or something. My butt and hamstring muscles are sore, but more like I just did a strength training workout, so they don't bother me, but the place behind my knees is very sore. I don't even think I can run like I had planned to tomorrow, but we'll see how another day of rest and some ice and ibuprofin do with it.

Oh, and to get the tech info in here...I finished the race in 3:10:51 which came out to be around a 14:30 /mile pace. Pretty decent I think. What's really funny is that for some reason, they have my time on the results page down as 2:40:51 which has me beating my RUNNING half marathon time by 2 minutes as a walker!!!! lol! But I know the real time was 30 minutes more than that, as they started the walkers out 30 minutes before the runners.

So, it was fun. Now I'm hoping that on wednesday I'll have clearance to start running again. I have a 15 mile run to do on saturday. Then depending on what the doc says, and whether or not jeff wants to do it, we may sign up to run in "The Spirit of Columbus Half Marathon" the following weekend. I'm scheduled for a 16 mile run that weekend, but would just replace that with the half marathon. I would probably just do a 3 mile run later in the day that day to get in the mileage.

Anyhow, I'll know more after wednesday, and after Jeff and I have recovered some more. I had thought I might do a six mile run today, but there is no way. I need more rest time and I need to listen to my body. So today is a day of rest. No ST either. tomorrow I may attempt the run, and if I can, I"ll get in a ST session too. This week may be a 2 ST session instead of 3, depending upon our recovery.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday August 14th - I Still Remain Hopeful!

So I had the echocardiogram on Wednesday afternoon. That went well, I suppose. The sonographer talked and talked and talked. I really just wanted to lay there quietly and watch the screen. Anyhow, when it was all said and done, she told me that they would probably call me with the results by the end of the week (although its friday now and I"ve not heard a thing). I didn't really expect to hear anything. I figured that they would tell me what the results were of the echo when I meet with the other cardiologist next wednesday morning.

Anyhow, she then said "I can tell you this. I'm not running to go get the doctor". Basically, in my opinion, indicating that there was nothing seriously wrong going on. Then she said "I think I know what the problem is", so I asked her what she thought. She said she thinks I have something called supraventricular tachycardia. Pretty much an arythmia of the heart where the heart rate spikes up and comes back down again. Not much different than what I thought was going on.

She also hooked me up with an event monitor. I did a short run of about 1.75 to 2 miles after I left there, and did a few recordings. But I could tell then that I seemed to be improving, because I was able to run for a couple of minutes without being out of breath. Unlike last week where I was only able to run for about 30 seconds. Then Thursday I had about 5 or 6 episodes of the shortness of breath and heart palps. But today? Things are good. I've not made a single recording on the monitor.

Also, my primary doc's nurse called me yesterday. She said that they had gotten in the test results from the blood work and my thyroid levels WERE elevated, and both my doctor and the cardiologist want me to stay off the thyroid meds. Well, then I was pretty much right I think! I suspected that the thyroid meds were the cause of all of this. It was all just too coincidental that the shortness of breath and heart palpatations started just days after the thyroid meds were increased.

Anyhow, I did a four mile run yesterday and it was great. I did 4:1 intervals the whole time, and twice i did 9:1. Incredible! I felt like a million bucks afterwards. The only thing is that my HR was way high when I was running. It was in the high 170's and low 180's, which is still way higher than usual. I don't know what is up with that.

I'm scheduled for the Columbus half marathon on sunday. Even though I feel like i could run it, I'm walking it. That's following the doctors orders, and besides, I'm a little afraid of running it when my HR is still so elevated, even though the breathing seems to be better. Better safe than sorry. But i'm keeping my fingers crossed that next wednesday I will get the green light to resume my training and can do the next scheduled long run which is 15 miles.

So the plan is:
Tonight - one hour of strength training
Tomorrow - Day of rest
Sunday - half marathon
Monday - ST and short walk or run
Tuesday - six mile run/walk
Wednesday - ST
And anything after that is dependent upon what the doc says.

I forgot to mention that I've been doing great getting in three days of ST a week. Love the feeling of getting stronger again! I've really missed the weight training and I'm glad I"ve got it back in the schedule and I'm already feeling the results!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Will the training continue?

I know its been a week since I posted. A lot has happened, and I might as well put it out here. I really don't know if the marathon training will continue. And I won't know for another week. Here's what has transpired.

Last wednesday I went to my doctor and they were going to do the bloodwork to test my thyroid levels to see if that is what was causing the breathing problem and heart palpatations. When I told them that the heart palpatations were really bad, they decided to do an EKG. The doctor came in and told me that they found something on the EKG. He said the EKG showed something called a short PR interval, and that it was indicative of LGL Syndrome or WPW syndrome. Basically an electrical problem with the heart. He told me no more running until I see a cardiologist, and they were calling a cardiologist to get me in asap.

Well, I couldn't get in until Monday (yesterday). The cardiologist I saw walked in with the results of the EKG and said that those results were not unusual. He said that 3% of the population would have an EKG like that and that it didn't mean that there was anything wrong. He said only 1% actually have anything wrong with them, and more than likely I'm just fine. We talked about the symptoms and how they came about showing up, and then he did an exam where he listened to my lungs and my heart. He listened to my heart for quite some time and then said that it looks like I may fall in that 1% group.

He told me that there were a few things to know. First, that I wouldn't die from a heart attack because of this. Second, that this will not shorten my life span at all. And third, that they can fix this problem. He told me that he was scheduling me for an echocardiogram (and ultrasound of the heart). That he wanted me to wear a monitor that will monitor my heart for one week, and then he wanted me to meet with the cardiologist on their staff that specializes in this particular problem. He told me not to lose any sleep over it, because they can fix this.

I think that is easier said than done though! Anyhow, I go in this afternoon for the echocardiogram, and afterwards they will hook up the heart monitor for me. I go in a week from today to meet with the other cardiologist. Jeff is going to go with me. I figured it would help if they were going to talk about anything important to have an extra pair of ears in case i don't hear it all or understand everything.

I asked about doing the run/walk for the half marathon I'm signed up for this weekend. He said no running, but he did say I could walk it. So I'm walking it on sunday and Jeff is walking it with me (what a good guy!). Kathy had something come up and can't do it, which is okay, because I couldn't run it anyway.

I've taken a few walks since last week. I walked 5 miles last night. I tried the other day to do a run walk, but I just can't do it. Even last night, on the 5 mile walk, there were a couple of times when I thought I'd have to head home, or almost just sat on the curb because my heart was really racing. Just walking, my HR got up to the 150's. My average HR when it was all said and done was 139, which isn't bad, but geez, that's WALKING. We'll see how it goes on sunday. I'm not going to push it. Jeff actually walks slower than I do, so that will probably be best for me.

I really don't know what all this means for the marathon training. Part of the reason I'm walking the half marathon this weekend is because I feel like if there is any possibility that I can continue the marathon training, that I need to at least get miles in, even if it means that I'm walking them. Also, Jeff and I are doing GREAT with keeping up with the Strength training. We've been doing it 3 times a week. We've already done two one-hour full-body strength training sessions this week.

Anyhow, that's where things stand right now. I will know more a week from today when all the testing is complete and I meet with the specialist. In the meantime, I doubt I'll have much to post.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is only a bump and I can continue the training. Time will tell.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Workout Results 8/3/09

I forgot to update with Monday's workout. I ran 7 miles on monday after work. It was tough again. I pretty much did a 1:1 run walk the entire way, and walked most of the last two miles. But, I figure that 7 miles is 7 miles, no matter how its done.

After I did the run, I went home and rested for awhile. Then Jeff wanted to do the Strength training. I didn't really feel like it, but I did it anyway, and of course, I'm glad that I did.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a day of rest. Its just how it kind of worked out. I think I needed it anyway. Tonight I'm going to do a 3 mile run. I'm scheduled to do 6 miles tomorrow, but I have a 5K that I'm running in, so I figured that I still wanted to get the mileage in for the week, so I'd run three tonight and the three tomorrow. I'm really hoping that the breathing is better tonight.

I've actually been feeling slightly better. The shortness of breath was better yesterday, but the heart palpatations were bad in the afternoon and evening. But I'm feeling much better this morning on both issues.

Yesterday afternoon I had the appointment at Max Sports to have my right foot looked at. They don't think I need orthotics. He said that I have plantar fasciitis, which I have suspected for awhile. He gave me some exercises to do for it, I have to ice it using a frozen water bottle after my runs, and I have a splint like device that I have to wear to bed at night. OMG. I wore it last night. The thing looks like a brace and goes all the way up to my knee. Talk about uncomfortable! But, wow, what a DIFFERENCE it made this morning when I got out of bed! holy cow. My foot felt great! I guess its just a matter of getting used to the thing. It's tough though. I go back in three weeks for a follow up.

This afternoon I have the appointment with my regular doc to do some bloodwork to see where the tsh levels are for my thyroid to see if that is the problem with my heart rate and breathing. I think I'll get the results back as soon as tomorrow, or friday at the latest.

Anyhow, the plan for the week: Today is a 3 mile run (which seems like nothing!) along with Strength training tonight. Tomorrow is the 5K race. Friday is ST. And saturday is the 14 mile run. Looks to be a busy week!

Monday, August 3, 2009

12 Mile Run - 8/1

Saturdays run was a 12 mile run. We had great weather for was in the 60's when we started out. We ran this one in Dublin, and it took us all the way out to Glacier Ridge Metro Park, the place where Kathy and I had that awful run before I left for vacation. I decided to run by how I felt. I think I got just over the 3 mile mark when I told Kathy and the other girl we were running with to move on. Although we were doing the 4:1 intervals, I just couldn't run 4 minutes at a time. It was so damn frustrating. I decided to just do 1:1 intervals, and go as far and as long as I could. Well, I made it the whole 12 miles. My time was something ridiculous, something around 2:45 or so (I forgot to stop my timer when I got back to the store). I'm SO frustrated.

Anyhow, there are some positives. My recovery from that run was good. Meaning, my calves and legs didn't feel bad at all later that afternoon, and the next day, they felt great. I also didn't have too much of a problem with my right foot in the arch area. I did stop twice during the run to stretch my calves because at one point, the right calf really tightened up. I think that stopping to stretch it really helped.

I think I may know the cause of the breathing issues. Why didn't this occur to me before when it has progressively gotten worse? I think its the thyroid meds that I'm taking. the doctor had me increase my dose back in june, and within days I started having the racing heart and shortness of breath. I called him after being on it a couple of weeks and he still wanted me to stay on it, so I have. But seems like those same symptoms are only getting worse. SO, yesterday, I didn't take the pill. No difference yesterday. In fact, my heart was racing more than normal, and I had a hard time breathing even on a stroll in the neighborhood. But this morning, my breathing is MUCH better, or appears to be anyway.

Anyhow, I WILL call my doc this morning to let them know that I'm stopping it. We'll see what they say. I want to make sure there aren't serious side effects from stopping it suddenly, but then, what can be more severe than not being able to breathe?!!!!!

Tonight I'm doing a 7 mile run. I think that wednesday I'll do a light 2 or 3 mile run, to get in the mileage, because thursday I would normally do the six mile run but I'm signed up to run in a 5K race. Anyhow, that's the plan this week. I'm also getting in at least two of the ST workouts in. I'd really like to do those monday, wednesday and friday, but not sure how up I'll be to doing it after a 7 mile run. I'll play it by ear.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the max sports performance place, to have my foot looked at.
I'm looking forward to finding out what the problem is and what can be done to help it.

no stats to report from saturdays run except that I ran 12 miles in almost 3 hours. I forgot to wear my HR monitor.