Friday, August 21, 2009

Catching Up 8/21/09

I need to get this blog updated. I went to the cardiologist on wednesday and the short version is, everything is fine. It clearly WAS the thyroid meds causing the problem with the heart, although he did mention that my "condition" was something that I have probably had since I was a baby. When he left the room, Jeff and I looked at each other and said "what condition?" lol! Oh well. Apparently its nothing to be concerned about. I'm just happy to be able to breathe again!

While I was there, they did a stress test, and another EKG as well. The cool part about having that done was that I could actually find out my true max HR. It was 190. The doc said that as long as I stay at or under that, not to worry about my HR, so that's good to know too. Basically, he suggested using the rate of perceived exertion, which I pretty much do. I mean, if I can't breathe, I slow down. :) The one thing he DID tell me that was that I really need to increase the salt in my diet. He said just drinking gatorade during runs is not enough. I need to increase the salt in my diet throughout the week, because my BP is very low, and with all the running, if I'm lacking salt, the heart has to work that much harder. So I'm going to make an effort to try and do that I guess. I've just never been a salt person.

ANYHOW, Marathon training is back on. I've been recovering this week from the half marathon walk last sunday. I'm still feeling some pain in the back of my legs behind the knees. I iced both legs in that area for at least 30 minutes last night, and took some ibuprofin. I'm a little concerned about the long run tomorrow, as I did the scheduled 7 mile run last night, and it started hurting just past the two mile mark. I managed to run through it though. Interestingly enough, it hurts more when I walk than when I run, so it was easier to run, and I just did longer intervals. I might have to do that tomorrow if it gets too bad.

Also interesting is that during my run yesterday, my HR was FINALLY coming back down. I mean, it was even in the 150's for a good part of the run. I can tell that my body is getting back to normal. The breathing is better, the HR is better. Now, i just need to get injury free!

Last night I also did the exercises for the plantar fasciitis. It's not been bothering me too bad lately, but probably because I've not been running all that much. Anyhow, I need to get better about doing the exercises and such.

So, that brings us up to date. Today is a rest day. I might do some weights this evening. Not sure. We've only done one strength training session this week, so I probably SHOULD do it. But I want to also feel rested for the long run tomorrow morning. Kathy and I are meeting early to get an early start before the heat of the day sets in. This weekends run is at Easton. We should get a good hour in before we meet up with the group. We are scheduled to run 15 miles tomorrow. That will be my longest yet I think.

The following weekend is when we are scheduled to run 16, but I think I'm going to do the half marathon instead. I need to ask Eric if not running those extra three miles will make a difference. I suppose I could run an extra three miles sometime on that same day after the half if its really all that important.

That catches us up to date! Later. :)

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