Monday, August 3, 2009

12 Mile Run - 8/1

Saturdays run was a 12 mile run. We had great weather for was in the 60's when we started out. We ran this one in Dublin, and it took us all the way out to Glacier Ridge Metro Park, the place where Kathy and I had that awful run before I left for vacation. I decided to run by how I felt. I think I got just over the 3 mile mark when I told Kathy and the other girl we were running with to move on. Although we were doing the 4:1 intervals, I just couldn't run 4 minutes at a time. It was so damn frustrating. I decided to just do 1:1 intervals, and go as far and as long as I could. Well, I made it the whole 12 miles. My time was something ridiculous, something around 2:45 or so (I forgot to stop my timer when I got back to the store). I'm SO frustrated.

Anyhow, there are some positives. My recovery from that run was good. Meaning, my calves and legs didn't feel bad at all later that afternoon, and the next day, they felt great. I also didn't have too much of a problem with my right foot in the arch area. I did stop twice during the run to stretch my calves because at one point, the right calf really tightened up. I think that stopping to stretch it really helped.

I think I may know the cause of the breathing issues. Why didn't this occur to me before when it has progressively gotten worse? I think its the thyroid meds that I'm taking. the doctor had me increase my dose back in june, and within days I started having the racing heart and shortness of breath. I called him after being on it a couple of weeks and he still wanted me to stay on it, so I have. But seems like those same symptoms are only getting worse. SO, yesterday, I didn't take the pill. No difference yesterday. In fact, my heart was racing more than normal, and I had a hard time breathing even on a stroll in the neighborhood. But this morning, my breathing is MUCH better, or appears to be anyway.

Anyhow, I WILL call my doc this morning to let them know that I'm stopping it. We'll see what they say. I want to make sure there aren't serious side effects from stopping it suddenly, but then, what can be more severe than not being able to breathe?!!!!!

Tonight I'm doing a 7 mile run. I think that wednesday I'll do a light 2 or 3 mile run, to get in the mileage, because thursday I would normally do the six mile run but I'm signed up to run in a 5K race. Anyhow, that's the plan this week. I'm also getting in at least two of the ST workouts in. I'd really like to do those monday, wednesday and friday, but not sure how up I'll be to doing it after a 7 mile run. I'll play it by ear.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the max sports performance place, to have my foot looked at.
I'm looking forward to finding out what the problem is and what can be done to help it.

no stats to report from saturdays run except that I ran 12 miles in almost 3 hours. I forgot to wear my HR monitor.

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