Monday, October 5, 2009

Only two more weeks

Did our weekly long run yesterday with Kathy. We lucked out and the rain stopped about an hour before we met up. it actually ended up being a pretty nice afternoon for the the mid 60's, slight breeze, etc. But boy, Kathy and I were both saying we can really tell the difference between running first thing in the morning after a good night of sleep, and running in the afternoon after a long day/week at work. We just don't feel as strong. Anyhow, we were scheduled for 16 miles, but we stopped at 14.25. I honestly think that we weren't fully recovered from running the 20 miles on sunday. But it wasn't bad. But it just seemed really LONG, and our pace was much slower than it was for our 20 miles on sunday. Of course, the 20 mile run was a race too, so maybe that made a difference. But whatever. I don't feel bad. We're in our taper now anyway.
I also didn't take an ice bath yesterday after the run. I just didn't feel like it, and didn't feel like I would be so sore that I really would need it. And I felt perfectly fine this morning. So that was kind of nice. Still having some issues with my two toenails. It appears that I really have some blisters UNDER the nail. That sure is what it looks like. I'm SURE its from running in the wet socks and shoes when we did the 20 miles. I'm sure I'll lose those toenails too. Its not pretty!
So next week looks really good to me. I have a five mile run, a six mile run, and an 11 mile for our long run. I'm doing the five or six mile run tomorrow. I'm just going to run in the neighborhood, something that I've not done in a long time, and I'm actually really looking forward to it. I "could" run the rail trail, but I think I might just do the hood. I'll see what kind of mood I'm in. The only nice thing about the trail is that I don't have to worry about traffic at all.
I really cannot believe the marathon is only two weeks away. I was telling Kathy that I hear all the time about how you should "enjoy the journey", and not just focus on the destination. I can honestly say that I truly have loved the journey. In fact, I told Kathy that I've really enjoyed the journey SO much that I fear that I'll be disappointed at the destination! I have read about post marathon depression, and fear that I will quickly fall into that. I love training for "events". I have finally found what it is that keeps me going and its events. I love having an event to work towards, and to have a plan all laid out for me, so all i have to do is follow it, and it requires little "thinking" on my part.
Kathy and I talked about our plans after the marathon. We both really want to focus on weightloss and strength training. Starting the week after the marathon, I'm back to ST three times a week. Running will go on the back burner but I'm still going to do it for cardio. I'll probably run 2-3 days a week. And the diet is getting hit hard, with the same intensity in which I put forth in my marathon training. I'm frustrated at having have gone up a size in clothes. WTH? Since I started the marathon training in June, I'm up 1.5 lbs. Not much eh? That would be FINE if I haven't ALSO gone up an entire size. I'm confused how that has happened. Seems as if I were building some muscle in my legs and butt from all the running that I would be LOSING or getting smaller in those areas. My only explanation is that I'm also gaining fat? But then, the scale has only increased 1.5 lbs? I don't know. I can't figure it out. However, I miss how I feel when I'm strength training, and its the only way I can think of to get back to how I was feeling, and get smaller. But again, I will focus on that AFTER the marathon.

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