Sunday, June 21, 2009

The First Group Run

Saturday June 30th

Today was the first group run. We met in Dublin at the Dublin location of the Columbus Running Company Store. I wasn't sure how this would go. Other than the half marathon and 5K race I've done, I've not really run with anyone else, but actually, after running the half marathon and having company, I really think I prefer the group runs!

They had pacers for each group, and there were about 4 of us in the run/walk group and we were doing an interval of 4:1 for the run/walks. Jim was our pacer. We were scheduled for a four mile run. The run started a little after 8 a.m. due to some announcements. The run went well, but I agree with Kathy's comment made after the run that we really don't need a pacer. I think we do a fine job by ourselves. I'm still trying to deal with my intolerance to heat, which I think is a result of some medication I'm on. And that morning, although only in the low 70's, was still pretty hot for me, and as a result my heart rate was way up there for the duration of the run. It was in the 170's pretty much the whole run. I've figured out that when I run and keep pace where my HR is in the 150's, I feel GREAT. 160's is "OK", but I feel best in the mid to low 150's. So you can imagine how I felt by the end of the run with it having been in the 170's. Not great, by any means. Because it was a short run, it was okay. But I'm slowing it down next week. The heat is an issue and I'm just going to have to adjust my pace to deal with it. We seemed to be running around an 11:30 pace according to Jim's Garmin, which is great. I'm running around an 11 minute mile when the temps are not so hot. Sometimes even better than that. I put a call into the doc because of the heat intolerance. I go in a few weeks to have some bloodwork done to see if there is a problem, but he wants me on the meds a little longer.

All in all, though, the group run was good. Next week the run is at Easton. I certainly don't love the idea of driving clear across town for a group run, but I'll give it a try. It's a 35 minute drive there, so we'll see how much I feel like doing that on the weekends.

This week, I'm scheduled to do a four mile run tomorrow, with glides at the end of the run. Then wednesday and thursday are 3 mile runs I think. Maybe there is a four miler. I can't remember the schedule off hand. Anyhow, what will be challenging is that because of the heat (high 80's all week), I will be getting up at the crack of dawn to do my runs. 4 a.m. OMG. I am dreading it, but trying to tell myself how great it will be to start my day out with a run. We'll see how well THAT goes!

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