Monday, June 29, 2009

Week 2 Training

We had our first run at Easton this weekend. I am really glad now that I went, because the path we ran on was SO nice. Geez, I wish they had that on my side of town! It was shaded and just really nice. We ended up running almost the entire run instead of doing the run/walk. We ran with the 12 minute mile group. They went a little slower, and were running around a 12:30 pace which was actually a GREAT pace for me. It was comfortable enough to run the entire way at that pace. My knees were a little achy towards the end, but not terrible by any means. Anyhow, it was a very enjoyable run. I felt great afterwards.

So we begin week two training this week with runs Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and a long run on Saturday. Wednesday is supposed to be speedwork. I'm really unsure about that and what it entails. I may just shoot Eric off an email and ask a little more about it. Or maybe I'll just go and see how this first one is and whether or not I like it. Last night I was reading Galloways book and he was talking about how, for marathoning, doing one mile repeats has proven to give the best results for improving speed, but I really don't know exactly what that entails either! Again, I'll probably email Eric and ask.

I didn't get up at 4 a.m. this morning to do my run. I actually had thought of doing the run last night, but we (I should say "I") decided that Sunday evenings would be our family walk or bike ride night. We only walked two miles (I finally used my Garmin which I freaking LOVE!). But two miles was about as long as Jeff and the boys could take I think. Alex ran for some of it, and Zach rode his bike. So I'll be doing my four mile run tonight after work, and will be running it inside on the treadmill since its still going to be too warm outside.

I've also decided that I HAVE to get back to some strength training for my cross training. So twice a week (would love to get a third one in) I'll be doing "The Firm"videos. They provide me a full body workout, so I think those would be the best to follow. I also like that it also incorporates cardio so it gets the calorie burn up there. I might occassionally do a Cathe Video. Ideally I'd like to get those in on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, but I'll be flexible with it.

Next weekend, instead of the scheduled 7 mile run, I've signed up for a 10 mile race on the fourth of July in Hilliard. I'm actually kind of dreading it but for no reason other than its being run on the rails to trails path which is SO incredibly boring. But I know having Kathy there to run with will help tremendously! It sure does help to have people to run with!

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