Monday, September 21, 2009

The 16 mile run, and gearing up for the 20 miles!

We got our 16 mile run in on friday afternoon. It was a really good run. The weather was a little bit cooler than the previous week when we did the 18 miles, and temp plays a huge part in how good I feel during a run. Jeff ran with Kathy and I. He was scheduled for 12 miles, but ran 13 with us. He's doing great! And it was nice to have a third person along with us for a change. He also helped to keep our pace down a little which I think helped in the long run. However, I think it was almost too slow. I've found that there is a fine line between running too slow and not slow enough. And sometimes when I don't run fast enough, I feel more sore and fatigued.
I did an ice bath after the run, because I think they help. I had started to wonder if the problem was my shoes, because although they only have maybe 250 miles or so on them, in the past few weeks, my knees and feet have been getting more and more achy. Well, I ordered a new pair of the same shoes and got them on friday. I ran in them yesterday and did 9 miles yesterday in the new shoes, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Clearly, my shoes had been breaking down, and my body was feeling it. I felt GREAT after the 9 miles yesterday, and didn't even feel the need for the ice bath. HUGE, HUGE improvement. No achy feet, and no achy knees.
Anyhow, today is a rest day, and tomorrow I run 6 miles. I'm then not scheduled for anything else until the 20 mile run next sunday. I think on thursday or friday I may run 2 miles, just to kind of shake things out before the race. Otherwise, I plan to enjoy the break and give my legs a rest. Sunday will be a big day, as its our one chance to experiment with pace, fueling, etc. before the marathon. I can't believe it's almost here!

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