Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gearing up for the 18 miler

Wednesday September 9th

I did my six mile run for the week after work yesterday. It was back to back with the 9 mile run, but I really felt like I felt good enough to get it in, and I really want to give myself a couple of days of rest before the 18 mile run. So I have today, tomorrow and most of the day on friday to rest my legs up.

Yesterdays run went exceptionally well. I ran on the treadmill due to weather issues, but it was actually a nice change of pace. I ran at a 5.4 pace, which used to be really tough for me, but actually, it was a nice easy pace yesterday. So either the drugs I had in my system were really hurting me more than I know and now that they've worked themselves out I'm doing great, or my fitness level overall is just REALLY improving.

On a bad note, the scale is up. Frustrating, with all the running I'm doing. I'm only up 3 pounds from when I started a few months back. I can't tell if some is muscle though. I would THINK that my legs would be building some muscle from all this running. SURELY THEY are getting stronger. Anyhow, it's also that time of month, so maybe I'm just retaining some water. Who knows. When this marathon is over, I'm really going to have to focus on the weightloss. Until then, I really just want to maintain. I'd actually love to shave off five pounds before the marathon, but we'll see.

Anyhow, thats really all to report. I'll post about the 18 mile run on friday if I have any energy left after running it!

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