Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8th

Wow, its been awhile since I updated this. Let's see...Last week, instead of my 16 mile run, I participated in the Spirit of Columbus half marathon. I won't go into details, but it was a really poorly run race. Running out of water was the worst of it...we didn't get water until mile 6.5. Pretty bad. But all in all, it was a great replacement run, as I got to run it with Jeff and it was his very first half marathon that he was running. Lots of fun and a great course, since it was mainly downhill!

This past weekend was my longest run yet. Kathy and I started running at 5:45 a.m. at Easton. We didn't take the path because it was too dark still, so we ran around the town center, which was actually pretty cool. Usually that place is swarming with people, so it was a little eerie to be there when not a soul was around. But we did the 17 miles, and it really wasn't bad at all. Tiring, but not bad. I went home and did an ice bath, and ended up taking a 15 minute snooze during the buckeye halftime. That did wonders for how I felt. Later in the day, my quads were feeling really sore, like I had done some weightlifting with the legs, but otherwise I felt fine. The next day, on Sunday, my upper shoulders were really sore. I can tell that I need to work on relaxing my upper body. I must have been a little tense at times.

Then on monday, Kathy and I got our longest "short run" for the week in. It was a 9 mile run. We met early, at 7 a.m., and got it in. I'm so glad we went when we did because it started sprinkling as we walked to our car. We finished just in time. It was a little tough to do that run when we were still sore from the long run on saturday, but I'm glad we got it in. Tonight I'm doing the 6 mile run, and then taking a couple of days off to get fully recovered for the 18 mile run we are doing on friday afternoon. I'm hoping that the weather holds out for us because I REALLY don't want to run in the rain.

Not much else to report. This is the month when we are really getting into the thick of the training, with all the really long runs. Kathy and I signed up for "The Home Stretch" 20 mile race, since we were scheduled for a 20 mile run that weekend anyway. That will be a great test of how things will go. I'm just happy to be able to run 20 miles without carrying water with me for a change!

Anyhow, guess thats all for now!

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